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I don’t know what it is about metaphors, but I love them. I mean, I really love metaphors.

I know that in high school, I overused them in all my book reports and literary research papers because I thought they made me sound smarter ( and I still think that to a certain degree). The only thing was, I would forget about the real subject I was assigned and suddenly the metaphor would have totally taken over the paper and by the end, I would have a handwritten note from my teacher simply saying “…What?”

In college, I toned it a down a bit, mostly because metaphors don’t really fit in business marketing classes.  For the most part, I kept them to my personal journal. But to this day for whatever reason, I write, speak, think, and nearly feel most things through a metaphorical lens.

I have only one hypothesis for this: I have spent more time in the Word over the last several years.  Read anything out of the major or minor prophets, or read anything Jesus said for that matter and I think you may agree that the Bible is riddled with metaphors, allusion, and analogies. 

My favorite, and perhaps the most pervasive metaphor throughout scripture, is that of a bride and groom.  It’s my favorite metaphor because I am a girl… and we’re obsessed with all things weddings and marriage. It’s also my favorite because I am analytical and introspective and I feel like maybe, just maybe, that’s OK. Maybe it’s intrinsic; something that is innately apart of who I am as human being, and not a mindset that I have picked up on from society or culture. Because if unconditional love, marriage, redemption, restoration,provision, etc were all His ideas from the beginning, than perhaps my enthrallment with those very things means that I am more completely a product of my Maker. 

I love the ability to connect and interchange the role of God with that of husband; the role of the saved with that of the wife. There is something about the fact that the two relationships reflect one another that is absolutely mezmorizing to me. I don’t know if it is because I feel as if it brings God closer, being able to envision Him in a setting and circumstance that is all-encompassing in our culture, or perhaps if it’s because it elevates the human condition to a more heavenly realm that overcomes outside factors that seek to destroy the very marriage and relationship that the Lord has ordained.

Is this making sense?

Basically I think what I am trying to say is this: I have realized as of late that we as believers, are being pursued. We are sought after like a precious treasure; we are desired, we are defended against our enemies, and we are being rescued daily.  We have captivated our God. We have enthralled Him with our beauty, an attribute that He has custom designed and perfected for every make and model. (metaphor translation=”every make and model” refers to every person on earth). 

This minimal description only scratches the surface of what I really think and how deeply I feel about this, how much I truly believe and cling to it.

And I told you that to ask you this: What if we treated our walk with God the way we treated our spouse? best friend?  Think about it. What if we took intentional time out of our day, days that are particularly busy or stressful, just to sit together with Him. Eyes closed. Deep breaths. Maybe inside on the couch or your favorite over-stuffed chair. Maybe outside while the breeze ruffled your hair, the warmth of the sun restd on your back, and the sound of leaves gently rustled close by.

I emphasize “sitting” because I have, for so long, stuggled with “doing” christianity.

More often than not, Jesus went away to be with the Father and he sat in His presence. I’m sure he prayed, but he wasn’t always reading out of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms and Proverbs. I’m really over believing that there is an equation or recipe for a rich relationship with Christ outside of simply being available, being open, and being maleable.

What if we allowed ourselves to be romanced by God? What if we sat still long enough to be caught?  

this is what it looks like to me…

Just me & Him... strolling European cobble streets.

Just me & Him... strolling European cobble streets.


About mndunn26

I recently realized that my life is somewhat of a beautiful mess. A "pollack-type-picture" if you will, of colors, experiences, and people that, despite the seeming disarray, is captivating & confusing; patterened & yet unpredictable. But most of all, it is mysteriously designed, purposed, and appointed. For what? I don't know yet... but I'm learning as I go.

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  1. Amen! ok first, I must say this… I most certainly used metaphors and analogies on a very regular basis during my time as a business marketing student at Liberty… So I’m gunna have to disagree with you there… :p But I have to totally agree with you on everything else here. Without the metaphors that Jesus, among others, gave us we wouldn’t be able to even begin to understand His love for us. I also have to say that after being someone that always went through life “doing Christianity”, I firmly believe that we need rather to allow Christ to do a work through US. Anywho, love it!

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