Meet Jason… my brother.


Many of you have not had the privilege of meeting my older brother Jason.  And the fact of the matter is, I really wish you could.

I love my brother. He is the comic genius I wish I could be. He is the most dynamic and contagious personality you will ever be around. Spontaneous, boyishly charming, endlessly endearing, and a stranger to no one, he is the life of most parties he goes to.

And oh yeah, according to all females (and some males… ewww) he is “insanely good looking.”  See?

Momma Dunn & Jason (aka "Ding Dong")

Momma Dunn & Jason (aka "Ding Dong")












Jason is happily married to Mary Clayton.

Mary Clayton

Mary Clayton












So my brother who is “hot” and his wife who is hotter, are not only really good looking, but they are both crazy amazing athletes.  And Mary Clayton is really smart.  Jason is oober charming and can basically smile his way into or out of anything.

To know my brother is to know that he LOVES kids and has wanted them for the longest time. Mary Clayton was accepted to a prestigious seminary and is pursing her degree in counseling. She wants kids too, but is busy getting smarter.

I spoke with Jason tonight and asked him if they had discussed the “kid clock.”

“Oh yeah,” he said excitedly. “Mary Clayton graduates  in June. So we were thinking we would ‘pull the goalie’ around ______________ (TBD).”

“I’m sorry… what? Pull the goalie?”

“Yeah,” he said. “See her birth control is like a goalie and he keep blocking my shots.”

Ladies and gentlemen… this is a true story.


About mndunn26

I recently realized that my life is somewhat of a beautiful mess. A "pollack-type-picture" if you will, of colors, experiences, and people that, despite the seeming disarray, is captivating & confusing; patterened & yet unpredictable. But most of all, it is mysteriously designed, purposed, and appointed. For what? I don't know yet... but I'm learning as I go.

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  1. I loved the story about Jason (Jas the Mace), and as your aunt I can testify to every word. I love you both and am real proud of both of you. Hope Momma Dunn
    is helping you get better real fast with all that great cooking and laughter she brings when she comes to visit.

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