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God, Grant Me a Glimpse


Open my eyes to everything & everywhere that you are.

God, grant me a glimpse into where you are leading. Shed light on the path that you have laid.

God, grant me a glimpse into what you are doing. Help me to see Your hand at work.

God, grant me a glimpse of the big picture for my eyes have lost their focus.

God, grant me a glimpse of what you want for my desires flee and fade with each day.

God, grant me a glimpse of how you see me for my reflection is my enemy.

God, grant me a glimpse of how you love me for my heart yearns with thirst.

God, grant me a glimpse of your grace that my soul may meet it’s sweet embrace.

God, grant me a glimpse of your glory that my spirit may remember its’ maker.

God, grant me a glimpse of your goodness that my thoughts may dwell on all you have done.

God, grant me a glimpse into your mystery, that my mind may be captivated.

God, grant me a glimpse of you, that I may want for no other.


A Weekend in Los Angeles


Skyler was the first person I met when I moved from big-city suburb outside of Houston to a shockingly small town south of Austin.   She was my neighbor.  She was the one that talked me into trying out for the volleyball team and then talked me into staying on the volleyball team once I made it.  *they never cut people…*

When we met, she and I were polar opposite.  She was endlessly confident and her personality was impossibly contagious.  I was shy.  Truly, I used to be incredibly quiet and so easily intimidated by just about anyone or anything.

She was brave. I was not. She spoke her mind. I didn’t dare. She loved the social hour of lunch. I ate in the locker-room.

To this day I remember when she told me, “I’m going to burst that little bubble you live in.  You need to loosen up and learn to have fun.”

Here’s another thing about Skyler– when she puts her mind to something, come hell or high water, she will do it.

And she did. She changed me, for the better.  And now all the things that made us different before, have now made us closer and more alike.

All this to say, I flew out to see her in LA this past weekend.  She a movie producer, make-up artist, and investment broker.  No lie.  She’s kind of a big deal.

So what did we do? We sat around and watched endless episodes of her favorite new sitcom, “Chuck.”  Because that’s what best friends do.  They sit around, doing nothing and not saying a word, and have a grand time.  And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

Heaven Save Haiti


I have never been there.  I’ve reported on it, but not from personal experience.  I have shared the stories, pictures, and testimonies of the people that the ministry I work for serves there.

I have heard the voices of mothers and the cries of babies from film that I’ve watched when I have been looking for material to use in a report.

I have read the accounts of lives that have been saved, rescued really, from abject poverty that runs rampant in the streets and even into the cardboard homes in which so many live.

And despite all of these first-hand accounts that I have seen and read, there is still a large part of me that doesn’t get it.

Am I moved? Of course.

Am I broken and disturbed because of the devastation? Absolutely.

Do I understand it? Can I make sense of it? No, not in the least. Who could?

What I do know is that God is sovereign.  He is bigger and He is better.

And He sees the people of Haiti. He is not punishing them nor will He leave them.  If ever there was a time for God to move in a miraculous and mighty way that only He can, I believe we will see it in the midst of this.

So what do we do from here? What do we do from the US?


Pray in faith with hope.

by Jason Jeong

Isaiah 58:12

Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.



I love the word “beloved.” It appears through scripture when God speaks to His Bride, to His church.  What an incredibly intimate and romantic God, that He would name you, me, us “beloved.” I love the way is sounds when I hear Him whisper it to me. I love the way it feels when I read it in scripture.  It literally means “to be greatly loved, dear to the heart.”

We are greatly loved by the God and Creator of the universe.  We are held dearly to the tender heart of Christ.

An ever-present desire and prayer of my heart it to be romanced by Him, to know the endless love that He freely offers.  Salvation, redemption, restoration–it’s all there for the taking. Life is in His hands and they are open.

What an incredible truth to cling to.

Houston, We Have a Problem


Houston is where I was born and raised.  My first 15 years of life took place in that incredible city. More importantly, my parents were saved through the preaching of one of Houston’s largest churches, 2nd Baptist, where Ed Young Sr. unabashedly preaches the good news of the gospel.  Because of God’s voice through him, my parents began their spiritual journey of growth and sanctification, which they then imparted to my older brother and I.

Houston is where abundant life started for my family.  And the intrinsic worth and divine purpose of more lives is now being  attacked.  Please watch the following video and join me in praying for the protection of unborn children in this city.