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The God-Chair


I took philosophy sophomore year of college; once a week, on Tuesday nights from 6pm-9pm.  Now, it could have been a truly atrocious experience if I had the typical philosophy professor.  But my professor was anything but typical– he was brilliant, yes, but more than that, he loved Jesus and taught us all that Jesus was the ultimate subject of philosophy.

I remember a particular class in which we discussed “chairness.”  A chair, a simple inanimate object, represented an aspect of basic Christian philosophy this way: unless you believe that the chair is really there and that it will do what you have been told it will do (i.e. hold you up; support your weight), you won’t sit in it.  You must actually acknowledge what the chair is, what the chair does, and then act accordingly by sitting in it, allowing it to fulfill its prupose.  The essence of “chairness” then is made manifest when someone proves it through use.

This idea came to mind recently when a friend of mine referred to God as a 4 legged chair. 

You have to believe in all aspects of God the same way you believe that all 4 legs of a chair work.  You wouldn’t sit in a chair if it only had 2 legs. Why? Because it’s not balanced; it couldn’t support you because it would be unstable.  Same with God– we must believe that He is as faithful and good as He is sovereign and just.

This has really wrecked me over the course of the last week because the more I think about it, the more I think I am not sitting in the God-Chair.  I see God and acknowledge who He is and what He does. But I don’t know that I am truly resting my whole self into His character, nature, and Spirit. 

I tried to break down what the 4 legs of the God-Chair might be; here’s what I came up with: faithfulness, mercy, justice, and goodness.  One way of aligning them could this: His faithfulness shows His mercy; His mercy gives way to His justice; and because He is just, He is good. 

Or you could rearrange it– His mercy proves His faithfulness, and his goodness demonstrates His justice.

Or you could scramble it this way– His justice reveals his faithfulness in the same way that His mercy flows out of His goodness. 

They all, each attribute, reflect and demand the other.  There is no loop-hole here– He is complete; in all, through all, and for all. His holiness demands perfection and His perfection shows Him holy.

What do you think the 4 legs of the God-Chair are?


Choosing to Trust



Today’s thought that wouldn’t stop running through my mind… life happens. Some days are harder than others. And when reason seems to be completely allusive, you simply must trust that it’s not; you must trust that it will come back around.

I have come to the resolve recently that trust is a choice. I must choose, daily, the truth, goodness and faithfulness of Christ and His promises. 

We must abide in the grip of grace, for we are never outside of reach; we are never beyond His grasp.

And we must also hope that after we have chosen to trust Him long enough, our heart will follow suit and fear and doubt will subside.  If He captivates our thoughts, we may rest assured He will fascinate our hearts and saturate our souls.  He will consume us because He loves.

What We Are. What We Aren’t.


We are bent, and not broken.

We are chastened, and not condemned.

We are disciplined, and not disdained.

We are enveloped, and not exposed.

We are formed, and not forgotten.

We are held, and not harmed.

We are loved, and not lost.

We are married, and not maimed.

We are novelties, and not nameless.

We are opulent, and not obscured.

We are preserved, and not penetrated.

We are restored, and not ruined.

We are sought, and not surrendered.

We are taught, and not tossed.

We are uncovered, and not unknown.

We are valued, and not vile.

We are wanted, and not wasted.

Have You Ever Had a Theme Song?


I feel like I go through seasons when I come across a song that literally puts a melody to the beat of my heart.  It’s as if the music and lyrics combined bring shape to what it is that I can not seem to describe. Thoughts, feelings, questions, and longings are suddenly brought to life and played out in my mind to the rhythm of this song and all of the sudden the weight of what I carried lightens.  

Why? Because I didn’t write the song.  Someone else thought, felt, questioned and longed for the same thing before me. All of the sudden, I’m not alone. That’s the beauty of music if you think about it. Why do you peopled resonate so deeply with what is sung and played?  Because if someone else is singing it, then there is harmony; there are no solo acts. No one is ever on a stage by themselves.  People chime in and sing back-up, one at a time, because they understand and relate to the cry of song. 

So here’s my theme song…

Maybe I held on, far too tight

Got lost in the battle, forgot to fight

Hope so big, faith so small

Faith so small

Sing my lonesome away, away

Promise you’ll save me, bail me out

Come to my rescue, remove all doubt

I’m so alone, but no one knows

No one knows

Sing my lonesome away, away

Sing my lonesome away, away

He Has Overcome


He overcomes our sin with His death.

He overcomes our death with His life.

He overcomes our judgment with His mercy.

He overcomes our consequence with His grace.

He overcomes our betrayal with His faithfulness.

He overcomes our fear with His peace.

He overcomes our insecurities with His identity.

He overcomes our weaknesses with His power.

He overcomes our lies with His truth.

He overcomes our loneliness with His presence.

He overcomes our reasoning with His sovereignty.

He overcomes our doubt with His love.

He overcomes our need with His provision.

He overcomes our suffering with His victory.

He overcomes our blindness with His vision.

He overcomes our silence with His song.

He overcomes our striving with His sympathy.

He overcomes our shame with His righteousness.

He overcomes our bondage with His freedom.

He has overcome our hearts with His heart.

He has ransomed the captive; He has rescued the slave.

He has called us “His delight.”

He has changed us. He has claimed us.


Religion vs. Redemption


I’m grateful there’s a difference between going to church and becoming the church. I’m grateful there’s a difference between earning salvation and receiving a grace that leads to faith in Christ is and what He did.

I’m grateful there’s a difference between religion and relationship; rules and redemption. I’m grateful that the state and well-being of my soul is not my hands.  I’m grateful that it begins and ends with Jesus.