We’re All in Marketing


I declared Business Marketing as my major the first day of my freshman year of college.  Everything about marketing was exciting and intriguing to me.  I’m a highly relational person, so I wanted to do something, vocation-wise, that was about and for people in one way or another.

Marketing also poses the constant challenge of innovation and creativity.  Even though, one of the often overlooked facts about it is,”less really is more.” Simplicity is overrated in the business of marketing because at the end of the day, there is nothing sexy about simplicity. And if whatever it is that you are selling is really that simple, the average consumer could probably find a way to make it on their own, thereby making your business obsolete.  It’s a delicate balance between making something seem new and necessary and not over-complicating it.

I was out walking the other day when I passed by an apartment complex that I almost lived in.  As I walked by, I had the most vivid memory of walking into the leasing office and speaking with one of the managers this time last year.

She was young, not dressed for her role as a professional. Distracted by her text messages.  She was somewhat short in her tone with me and neither eloquent or very knowledgable about what it was she was entrusted to sell. She didn’t represent her employer well. She didn’t know much about marketing either because marketing isn’t about you, it’s about getting to know what your customer wants, understanding what they are looking for, and helping them to see that what they need is what you have to offer; making your product applicable to them, no matter what their circumstances.

As I reached the end of the block, it dawned on me– we’re all in marketing. We are all representatives of God. Through the lives we lead, we are all either making Him known to those who don’t know Him or making Him undesirable to those who do. 

 Perhaps it is because we are not dressed well, throwing on old shirts of impatience and bitterness instead of robes of peace and grace.  Perhaps we are distracted by lesser things, like ourselves, instead of remaining focused and on task. Perhaps we are not well versed, not just in biblical verses, but by the voice of God and so do not speak as He would.  What I think is the most tragic case is this– perhaps we are not genuinely interested in another soul’s eternal well being. Perhaps we have grown comfortable keeping relationships at a safe distance so as to ward off hardships, tough questions, or potentially hurtful situations.  We do not want to bear one another burdens because it’s not fun or easy.

But here’s the thing– to ignore onlookers, to brush off those looking for purpose, life, peace, freedom, and hope is to be in direct opposition to what we have been called to as believers. We have been called to make much of Christ. We are intrinsically and uniquely designed to worship Him. We were made to adore and love Him. We were intended to bow, in reverent fear and awe, at the foot of His throne because He is worthy of all that we are and everything that we have.

I was listening to a sermon the other day and something that this pastor said really shook me up.  In talking about God’s sovereignty, he said this:  “We all will glorify God, whether we are recipients of His grace or objects of His wrath, He will be glorified because He is good and merciful and because He is just and holy.”

God’s will will be done, no matter if you choose willingly to be a part of it or not, He will use you to bring glory to Himself.  As I was driving back to my apartment today, which is coincidently about a stone’s throw away from the other one, I found myself thinking “How tragic would it be to be used of God to show His supreme justice and never see His glory; to have been a part of a divine and eternal tapestry who’s pattern you would never know.”


About mndunn26

I recently realized that my life is somewhat of a beautiful mess. A "pollack-type-picture" if you will, of colors, experiences, and people that, despite the seeming disarray, is captivating & confusing; patterened & yet unpredictable. But most of all, it is mysteriously designed, purposed, and appointed. For what? I don't know yet... but I'm learning as I go.

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  1. Ugh… I can relate to this:

    “Perhaps we have grown comfortable keeping relationships at a safe distance so as to ward off hardships, tough questions, or potentially hurtful situations. We do not want to bear one another burdens because it’s not fun or easy.”

    I put off approaching a friend for TWO years about something that was she was doing because I didn’t want to lose a friend. However, her eternal salvation is way more important than my friendship with her and so I went ahead. Needless to say, she ended our friendship – it hasn’t been fun or easy…she literally ignores me in church. But – I make myself remember that God is in control and I have faith that He is working in her heart.

    Great post!!!!

  2. One of the best you’ve EVER done! From the perspective of eternity there is nothing that should keep me from sharing Christ! If I share Christ and the person rejects the idea…why do I take it personally? They are rejecting Christ not me…..and by the way….he has been rejected before…..but my charge is to go and tell……I must trust the Holy Spirit not try and take his job! For anyone out there who has try to be the Holy Spirit for someone else….here is a tip….He never takes vacation!
    Tiger Puff

    • Mary, your response was an encouragement and a great reminder for me in my situation. I was taking it personally…and then I was wondering what I could do to fix it. Thank goodness He doesn’t take vacation 🙂

      • Hey Britt!

        I always LOVE seeing your comments:) I so appreciate them and enjoy reading your perspective and insight.

        BTW– Mary is my mom!

  3. MND

    I again express to you the GREATNESS of the MENTOR you have choosen.
    Your destiny has long ago been created, He will go with on your journey and disappointment is not an option.

    Great Post


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