“Bless Your Beautiful Hide”


My all time favorite musical (technically tied for first with The Sound of Music) is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I owe my appreciation of musicals to my dad.  I wouldn’t know what a “classic” was unless he took the time to watch them with me. He could name nearly every actor and would tell me about the when he watched it for the first time– where he was, how old he was, and who he was with.  What’s even more impressive, he could sing every song. 

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is the one, of the plethora, that has stuck with me.  There are countless songs and scenes that need to be watched by all.  But, there is one that is epic. The barn-dance scene. 

Please note three very imporant things–(1) Benjamin, the brother in the orange shirt is the one I wanted to marry and (2) I secretly wished I could dance like this and (3) I always wanted one of this puffy dresses.


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