A Heart for Achile


I dont’ know that I have ever said that I work for Compassion International… but I do.

I have mentioned Compassion numerous times, specifically with regards to the Compassion Blogger’s trips that are led by Shaun Groves.

Shaun Groves is a Christian music artist yes; but more importantly and more recently, he has become an influential and unabashed advocate for children in poverty.  And he’s really good at it.

His post today caught me a little off guard and hit fairly close to home. Here’s why.

The woman that he mentions, Tasha, is my colleague.  She literally works across the cube aisle from me.  I was in the office the day she got the phone call that Achile, a Compassion assisted child, needed major heart surgery.  The phone call itself is not necessarily uncommon.  We minister to numerous children all across the globe that need major medical intervention everyday. 

What was different about Achile was that, at the time (as in last week), he was unsponsored.  More than that, his information packet and picture were in Shaun’s garage. Because Shaun speaks and travels on behalf of Compassion, we keep him stalked with children’s packets to take with him and hopefully find sponsors for while on the road.

One thing people might not know about Compassion is that we do not replicate packets–one, and only one, packet is created per child and we know exactly who has that packet at all times so that we can carefully track when and by whom that child is sponsored. 

Tasha knew that Achile was given to Shaun; she called him.

Do yourself a favor and read Shaun’s account here.

This heart operation, which is literally a matter of life or death, will cost about $20,000.

Can you please help save Achile?


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  1. What an incredible story. I’m thinking…about all the people that read your blog….and will be pointed to what Compassion does, what God does, and what they can do…..
    I pray you will contiue to allow God to use you and your blog for his glory…..his work here on earth…raising up opportunities to be his hands and feet……

  2. I sponsor a child in Peru. Her name is Gianella. She is amazing. We have sponsored her for ten years now. Wow. Do you know Paul Haddix. I communicated with him when I was playing with a band because we done Compassion sponsorships at our concerts and I got to talk about Gianella. It was real cool. Anyway, just thought I would let ya know that.

    • You sponsor?! That’s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing that! I always love hearing that people know about and support any ministry, but this one specifically. I sponsor a little girl in Bolivia, her name in Sylvia. I hope to be able to visit her someday.
      Do I know Paul Haddix? Heck yes! He’s a great guy and loves to give me crap… which I frequently deserve. What band were you with?

  3. I was in a band known simply as Riner. http://www.rinermusic.com
    I was so thankful to Paul to give me the chance to do the compassion at our shows. It was really cool to tell people about Gianella then have them come up to the table and see our scrapbook we made with a lot of her notes and pictures. We would love to make it down there to see her before she turns 18 as well. But… it’s mightily expensive.

  4. Wow…your information just makes this story even better!

    I’ve been an advocate for 15 years, and Shaun’s example these past few years have really challenged and inspired my advocacy.

    • Jill! Thanks so much for your encouragement; I feared sounding like a broken record, but I am glad the extra info helped paint the picture more clearly! So grateful for you and all that you do for Compassion. If you ever find yourself in CO Springs, I’d love to meet you! At the end of the day, it is YOU who the Lord is using and working through to make much of this ministry!

  5. It may seem strange, but I really want to meet you.
    I have been reading the Compassion blog in chronological order (so I am currently in late 2008), and I find that I really enjoy your posts. I love the way you write, and reading about your time as an intern.

    I have done childcare for some of your coworkers, and if I move back, I will be asking to be introduced to you

    • Wow. That’s extremely flattering! I’m so grateful to hear that you are enjoying the Compassion posts and finding so much that you are able to resonate with. That’s huge! Next time you come to the Compassion be sure to find me; I’d love to meet you too!

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  7. oh cool! I may have seen or met you before, but I forget everyone’s names because there are so many. I used to bring Edi up there at lunch time to visit. so if you ever saw him while he was visiting, I was probably there too. I love that family, and I miss them soooooo much!

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