Happy Birthday… to Me & Jesus


Since when do birthdays have to be once a year?

Exactly two years ago I did something pretty stupid. I moved to Colorado Springs– a city with a population of roughly 500,000 people… and I didn’t know a single one of ’em.

Exactly two years ago, I moved to a city I had never been to, in a state that I only visited once a year for my family’s Christmas vacation.

Exactly two years ago, I graduated from college with  a degree in Business Marketing and no job in which to use my mad marketing skills.

Exactly two years ago, God divinely intervened into my pathetic and boring life and stirred things up a bit.  Two years ago, God picked me up and set me down in a foreign land.

Exactly two years ago, God told me about poverty and those who live in it.

Two years ago, God broke my heart and opened my eyes to where His heart is and what His eyes see and what He wants me to do about.

Two years ago, God showed my Compassion. And then He showed me how to have compassion.

Now, two years later, I’m working at Compassion International trying to figure out how to do life like Christ wants me to; trying to see what love looks like; and finally discovering day by day, how much of me I don’t need and how much of Him I really want.

Two years ago, I celebrated the birth of a new heart, unveiled eyes, and a changed life. 

Two years ago, I learned how much I don’t need and how little is needed for those that have nothing.

Two years ago, I was set free from me.

Here’s to two more years– may God continue to wreck this heart.


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  1. I know it may sound trite…but it is so true.. ‘God’s will never takes you where his protectin will not cover you’……And now that ‘foreign land’ is called home!

  2. i moved to colorado may of 08. only knew 1 person. the whites hired me the day i moved. it was amazing.

    now i am working on getting back.

    colorado really changed me. it was such a sweet time with my Jesus

  3. Hi Meredith-

    You don’t know me, but I occassionally read your blog. Was wondering if I could email you? Have few questions about Compassion.


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