Compassion Bloggers in Guatemala: Coming Home


The crew flew home today safely together, undoubtedly forever changed. I don’t know how many stories you read; it might have only taken one to realize that: 1. you’ve got more than you need and 2. what you really need is everything Jesus has to offer. Simple to say. Harder to believe. I know. 

I genuinely hope that your eyes were opened, your hearts were moved, and your spirits were challenged to “live a little more simply, so others can simply live.”

 Because the opposite of poverty isn’t wealth; the opposite of poverty is enough. 

The opposite of poverty is hope. The opposite of poverty is a life filled with the truth and power of the Gospel.  The opposite of poverty is the Church rising up to defend the rights of the needy by speaking up for those who can not speak for themselves.  The opposite of poverty is the Church feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, and clothing the naked. And because Compassion partners with the local church in every community in which we serve, we’re overcoming poverty, one child at a time.

The bloggers closing thoughts…

Sunday Reflections from Guatemala

Holding Joshua

Reconciling the Disparity

The One Question You’ve Got to Look in the Mirror and Really Ask 

When God Comes By

For those of you who journeyed with the bloggers (and myself) to Guatemala, thank you.  If you sponsored a child, thank you.  You’ve changed eternity, whether you will realize that this side of heaven or not.

If you haven’t sponsored a child yet, I understand. It’s a big decision.  Somewhat intimidating. “I don’t know that I am ‘sponsorship material'” you might say. Neither am I really. And yet, my little girl in Bolivia, Silvia, thinks that I am. 

Cause sponsorship isn’t about you.  It’s about being the Body.


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    • glad you like the new look– I think it’s a keeper too! The videos will do that… I should really put up a disclaimer that says, “warning: videos will most likely wreck you; be advised to grab tissue. Then sponsor a kid.”

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