The One. The Many.


Recently, President and CEO of Compassion International , Wess Stafford and Compassion spokesman, Shaun Groves  asked sponsors, donors and bloggers to share a story about the person that literally changed their life and set them on a path that they may not have found otherwise. 

  As I thought about it, I grew a little discouraged.  No one particular person or specific instance came screaming to mind. “Oh no,” I thought, “either no one has believed enough in me to say something or I haven’t been listening.”

Then the Lord said “Dear idiot, whom I love, your life has been flooded with people who I have placed in your life, for years, days, and in some instances, for minutes, to speak my Word of truth and direction, purpose and life.”

In that moment, I saw a movie reel flash through my mind’s eye of people, conversations and days that have all played roles in shaping who I am, where I am, and what I am doing.

“It’s simple, it’s not easy,” was a statement I heard repeated on a weekly basis by my horse trainer. The course would be set, the number of strides to be taken between hurdles predetermined, but accomplishing it without fault or blemish was always harder than it seemed. And regardless of how tedious it was, I would repeat the same course until I had mastered every turn, each stride, and every hurdle. You won’t score well by telling the judge that you understand what you did wrong. You score well by showing the judge you know how to do it right.

“If you want to play, you have to get in the game.” I heard that during my volleyball days in highschool. Coach Grisham reminded me daily that if I began to move to make a play, I needed to follow through.  Taking the first step didn’t get the team anywhere. I had to take the last step too. I had to commit.

“Nothing of eternal significance ever happened apart from prayer.” Jerry Falwell, regardless of how you felt about him, was right. Nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer. How could it? I have never cherished or depended on prayer like I have this year and I can honestly say that things change when you take them to the throne of God and say “Your will be done.” He’s listening. He cares. And He acts. He’s after our hears, for our good and His glory.

“He’s faithful.” My dad has never been a man of many words, but when he speak, he says something important. I can’t tell just how many times I have heard him repeat that simple statement and I can’t tell you how many times I thought “I need a something a little more weighty than that.”  But the older I get, the more life I live and the more life I see lived, the more I remember that He is faithful. And that faithfulness is enough; the reality of His constant presence is sufficient.  His faithfulness is bigger and better than anything that would attempt to defy it. It is insurmountable. He is who He says He is. And He will do what He says He will do.

So, I don’t really have one story of one person that said one thing that changed my life. My story is more like a kaleidoscope of people who impart one part of the one story. The story that says “The God of the universe knows your name and He loves you.”


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  1. My reaction to the request for stories is similar to yours, and thinking back over the years, mental images flash past my eyes of people who have added something positive, large, medium or small, to my life. I could write essays about some; others’ names are just outside my reach.

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